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GooBalls is a match 3 game with realistic life-like physics. It has 2 modes of gameplay. Both Adventure and Puzzle mode. You cannot play Puzzle mode until you have completed all the levels of the Adventure mode. All you need to do is drop the gooballs from the pipes to make matches of 3 or more gooballs to remove them. They drop from the top down and you can choose where to place them even though they do tend to bounce around a bit. You can press space bar to swap the next gooball that comes out of the pipe. You will need to clear the screen using as few gooballs as you can so you can win the rare collectors gems. Full up the "Cup-o-goo" to get the Gooperpower ability that will help you clear the level faster. You can break any rocks that show up by using a bomb or the Woof's Gooperpowers.


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