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Flash Zuma

Flash Zuma

Flash Zuma is exactly what it is a flash game of zuma. But this is a "Lite" version of the very popular and one of the most addictive and hard to put down match 3 ball games to have ever been created. Zuma is famous worldwide. Because it's a free online game that you can play in your browser and is very simple but addictive! Every now and then a game like zuma comes out, this year it was Flappy Bird and with Zuma Lite you can play the traditional game of zuma where you have to play as a frog and shoot balls out of your mouth at the balls going around the rings to him. The aim is to match the balls together in the same colors to remove them and do so as fast as you can before they get to you and kill you! So clear all the balls by hitting and matching 3 or more in the same color in a row. Score maximum points for chaining matches and don't let those balls reach the hole. Have fun with Zuma Lite game.


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