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1001 Arabian Nights 6: Alibaba and the 40 Thieves

1001 Arabian Nights 6: Alibaba and the 40 Thieves

Kasim and Ali Baba are brothers. One day Ali Baba finds out about a cave which belongs to a band of robbers. When he tells his brother, Kasim, he goes to the cave as well. He is found out and killed by the robbers. Ali Baba finds his brother and takes him home with his asses full of gold. Kasim is buried in secret, a tailor is blindfolded and got to the house where he sews to body. The thieves find Kasim gone with a lot of gold so they are sure there is another person who knows about their secret. One thief finds the house through the tailor. He marks the house with white chalk. Morgiana, a slave-girl of Ali Baba, notices this and chalks every door. A second thief tries with red chalk, but Morgiana finds out and chalks every door with red chalk. The third thief remembers the way. The Captain will come with mules with jars of oil and thieves in others. He is invited in Ali Baba’s house. Morgiana finds out about the plot and kills the robbers by putting boiling oil in their jars. Only the Captain knows to escape. The Captain tries again by opening a shop and to get invited, in disguise, by Ali Baba’s nephew. However, again Morgiana finds out about him and stabs him to death. Morgiana is married to Ali Baba’s nephew and he and his family become rich.


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