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1001 Arabian Nights 3: The Fisherman and the Jinni

1001 Arabian Nights 3: The Fisherman and the Jinni

A fisherman throws out his net and catches a jar. He opens the jar an evil Ifrit appears, who wants to kill him. The fisherman tricks the Ifrit and fools him into the jar again. The Ifrit promises him riches and the fisherman lets him go. The Ifrit brings the fisherman to a lake with many-coloured fishes. He must bring the fishes to the Sultan. When a slave-girl wants to prepare the fishes a lady appears out of the wall and saying to the fishes to remember their promise and they turn black as charcoal. New fish are brought and a third time. The Sultan sees what happens and is amazed. He goes to the lake to find out what’s going on. He comes to a palace and finds a Prince stuck in stone from his middle downwards who tells him his story. After the story the King kills the slave who is in the palace and disguises himself as the slave. He tricks the sorceress responsible for the Prince’s condition, and lets her release the Prince and the City bewitched by the sorceress. Then he kills her and rewards the Prince, the fisherman and the Wazir.


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